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History of River City Nature Park

11-28-07: Phase one of the River City Disc Golf Course was flagged by World Champion Disc Golf Design.

01-18-08: Tees installed by Jack White, J.T. Rosenthal and Gregg Hosfeld

01-20-08: Baskets assembled and installed

01-28-08: Bridges were built by Jamie Ruane, Norbert Kutyn & Gregg Hosfeld. Also signposts and official measuring of the fairways.

09-26-10 RCNP's 1st official disc golf event: Tour Del Sol: non-sanctioned. and 1st official test run of the phase 2 "next 9".

06-04-11: RCNP's 2nd event and 1st official sanctioned event: TDS #6

07-12-12: 20 new pin locations installed. 

07-20-12: All baskets moved to alternate pin locations. 

10-18-12: All 18 baskets in. 18 baskets / 64 pin locations

Coming soon:

01-20-13 RCNP's 5th birthday